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Terms & Conditions for credit point policy at www.electricbazaar.com
1. This policy has validity from 18 Feb 2023 till 22 Feb 2023.
2. Credit points given are valid for a period for 3 months of credit. After 90 days of credit, if not utilised, points will lapse.
3. Policy can be withdrawn at discretion of company, without any liability.
4. Each registration will enable logger to 20000 credit points. These points carry value of 1 point = 1 rupee.
5. Credit points will be adjusted @ 10% of bill amount, against online purchases.
6. Special discounts are applicable for Bulk purchases.
7. Any dispute arising out of this policy shall be in jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.
8. Policy not applicable for individuals. Credit vouchers shall only be redeemed by registered companies with authorized GST number only.


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